Affordable housing

We understand the careful balance between build quality, affordability and performance, delivering new homes for a range of social landlords that exceed their expectations every time.

Our programme and project management skills, combined with years of house-building nous ensure we provide the hard-working folk of Britain with homes they can be proud of. Places to grow, to raise families and build communities. It’s a source of great pride for us to be able to play our part.

Supported Living

Our clients provide vital support to people with a wide variety of care needs. Each client group requires different things of their homes and so the design, build and delivery methodologies differ in every instance.

Our flexibility and experience mean we have a deep understanding of these requirements, translating into effective project management and a finished job that is perfectly suited to each resident’s needs.


We have the expertise and capabilities to deliver a wide range of commercial projects, from logistics to retail and from offices to factories. Our programme management expertise is critical in mapping out a deliverable scheme within the client’s timescales, matched by our construction resources and experience.

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